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Twist-A-Nut Conduit Deburring Tool

Catalogue # 35-083


  • Deburrs inside and outside edges of 1/2, 3/4, and 1 inch thin wall conduit
  • Hooded tip tightens EMT fitting set screws without slipping
  • Removable head interchangable with IDEAL 7-in-1 Twist -a-Nut™ Screwdriver shaft (35-908)
  • Head can be used in drill or cordless screwdriver
  • Universal Wire-Nut® wrench in handle end eases installation of twist-on connectors
  • Lifetime guarantee (excludes blades)
Description Cat. No.
Conduit Deburring Tool - head only slotted tip 35-096
Conduit Deburring Tool - # 2 square tip 35-075
Conduit Deburring Tool- head only, #2 square tip 35-098
Replacement Blades (2/pack) 35-097