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Current Release Information

  • LanTEK® II

    Version: 2.019
    Release Date: March 11, 2013
  • Lantek® I

    Version: 3.006
    Release Date: March 11, 2013

LanTEK® II Release Notes

  1. Update of the TIA-568-B.2 limits to TIA-568-C.
  2. Update of ISO/IEC 11801 limits.
  3. Added limits for EN 50173-1 Class Ea and Fa.
  4. Updated the manufacturer cable database.
  5. Update for Portuguese language.
  6. Removal of Class F 350 PL and Channel limits from the ISO and EN standards lists.
  7. Update of the Profinet End to End STP Link

Lantek® I Release Notes

  1. Updated the manufacturer cable database.

LanTEK® II Firmware Update with USB Flash Drive

Note: there are two ways to update the firmware in the LanTEK II. The USB thumb drive method and the PC/USB cable method. Download the directions and firmware file for your preferred update method.

  1. LanTEK® II Firmware Update Instructions for USB thumb drive and PC/USB cable methods.
    PDF | 116 KB
  2. Firmware file for USB thumb drive method
    IDL | 3363 KB
    Instrucciones de Actualizacion de Firmware usando una MEMORIA USB

LanTEK® II & Lantek I Firmware Update with Windows® PC Application

  1. PC Application for PC/USB cable method
    EXE | 11,127 KB
    Instrucciones de Actualizaciones de Firmware usando una PC