LaceLok™ Application Tool

LaceLok™ Application Tool
  • U.S. Patent 9,334,091
  • European patents pending.

LaceLok® Cable Lacing Fasteners (patent pending) are used as secondary supports for cable and wire bundling. They were developed to replace cable ties and hand tied lace, providing the ease of installation similar to a cable tie with the preferred properties of the lace.

  • Small, rounded fastener head reduces damage to wire bundles and surrounding components
  • Installs faster and easier than hand tying lace reducing labor costs
  • Laces constructed of Nomex® for excellent chemical & temperature resistance, as well as low abrasion to wire bundles
  • In weight critical applications, compared to cable ties, Cable Lacing Fasteners weigh less and contribute more to overall fuel efficiency
  • LaceLok® Cable Lacing Fasteners can be single, double or triple wrapped around wire bundles for increased tensile strength
  • Nomex® is a registered trademark of E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Co.

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