Custom Stripmaster® Lite, Standard, 16-22 AWG

Custom Stripmaster® Lite, Standard, 16-22 AWG
  • Meets SAE-AS5768 standards
  • Custom Stripmaster® Lite is 3/4 of the size of Custom Stripmaster® Wire Stripper and strips 16 - 30 AWG solid or stranded wire
  • Custom Stripmaster® Lite requires one-third less hand pressure for each strip actuation
  • Engineering Service and made-to-order blades available. Contact factory for complete product and blade number listing
  • 90-day Warranty.
  • Cushioned, comfort grip handles
  • Optional short stop-latch and transparent wire stop
  • Replaceable grit grippers
  • Inner cutting hole sized to conductor and counter-bored holes sized to insulation
  • Mil-spec die-type blades allow precision stripping
More Information
Application Mil-spec
Gauge Type AWG
Maximum Hole Diameter 16 AWG
Minimum Hole Diameter 22 AWG
Wire Type Copper-Aluminum
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