Feed-Thru Connector Installation Kit


This convenient kit includes the all the tools and connectors needed to start installing feed-thru modular plugs.

One-piece Feed-Thru connector design simplifies cable assembly - conductor order can be verified prior to crimping, and the cable can be pushed or pulled into the connector ensuring an accurate connection

FT-45 tool smoothly trims and crimps in one simple step, ensuring the connection is right the first time, every time.

PrepPro® cable stripper easily strips a wide range of cable types with no adjustments required

Kit Includes:

  • FT-45® Feed-Thru Modular Plug Crimp Tool (30-495)
  • PrepPro® Coax/UTP Cable Stripper (45-605)
  • CAT 5E Feed-Thru Modular Plugs - 50/pk
  • CAT 6 Feed-Thru Modular Plugs - 50/pk
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