Feed-Thru Modular Plug | CAT6


Quickly and accurately terminate twisted-pair cabling

IDEAL’s Feed-Thru design offers many advantages over standard modular plugs for simplified installation. The single piece, feed-thru design allows you to verify the conductor order is correct prior to crimping. You'll experience consistent connections with fewer errors

  • Designed for use with CAT6 cable
  • Compatible with IDEAL's FT-45™ Crimping Tool, which crimps and cleanly shears conductors in one-step. This tool works with ALL our feed-thru and standard connectors (Part number: 30-495)
  • Flush cut of excess conductors minimzes inadvertent contact outside of the plug
  • 8 position, 8 contact RJ-45 modular plug for CAT5e, 100© balanced twisted pair 250 MHz cables
  • 50 micro-inch gold plating on contact mating area for long term reliability in connectivity, even after hundreds of mating cycles

IDEAL’s Feed-Thru solution gives you the ability to quickly and accurately terminate twisted-pair cabling. Simply Strip, Insert, Verify, and Crimp the cable.

First, use IDEAL’s PrepPro® Stripper which cleanly scores the cable jacket without nicking inner conductors. Just insert cable and twist! Then, align conductors and feed-thru the single-piece modular plugs - you’ll be able to verify the wires are in the correct order prior to crimping. Finally, use the FT-45™ tool to crimp and cleanly shear the conductor ends with one squeeze. 

Using IDEAL’s Feed-Thru solution, you’ll be able to install unshielded and shielded feed-thru connectors on CAT 5e, CAT 6 and 6a cables with ease!

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